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Catherine Price

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I have always loved art, and am always busy making and creating. I particularly enjoy mixing media to form unusual effects. Horses, fairy tales and magical images were favourite subjects from an early age.

In my teens I discovered the little known art form of Encaustic Art. The vibrant colours, glossy finish and textures created by the wax had me hooked. I purchased a demonstration picture and a starter set of wax and card there and then. Upon arriving home I commandeered my parents travel iron and there has been no stopping me since.

‘Encaustic’ is the name given to a painting made with beeswax and heated tools.

The wax blocks are melted directly on to the plate of the electric iron then spread directly onto the painting card. Different techniques are used to create texture and pattern to build the pictures.

I love the fluidity of the wax and the diversity of the images that can be created in this art form. Having always loved the countryside this has inspired me to produce beautiful landscapes merging the boundaries of fantasy and reality. I enjoy experimenting and strive to bring something new, fresh and exciting to my works.

I teach encaustic on a 1 to 1 basis and also run group workshops.

I have a range of greeting cards, mounted and framed pictures on display and for sale at my studio.

Email cp44@btinternet.com / Facebook ‘Catherine Price Encaustic Art’

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