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Artist Studios,  Hylands Park, Chelmsford Essex


‘Encaustic Art Day Workshop’ 

Sunday 1st April

10.30am to 3.30pm



‘Weekday Mini Workshops’

Wednesday 21st March

10.30am to 1.30pm


(includes all materials, use of tools, clear cellephane folders to protect work and tea & coffee)

These small friendly classes will inspire you,

give you confidence and set your creativity flowing


Learn Encaustic Art in a lesson in a fun and relaxed way. Wax art uses a low heat electric iron and coloured beeswax to create unique artworks. Coloured waxes are spread on to the iron base and smoothed on to the painting card. Different techniques are used to create a variety of textures and patterns that build to make these beautiful pictures.

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Each student will have their own workspace, iron, set of waxes and painting card for the session. Extra stations will be set up to use the heated stylus tools and heat guns.  We start with students receiving tuition on how to use the basic tool of Encaustic, the low heat electric iron. Basic techniques are taught and as we move on these are fine tuned to create more seamless effects. We cover working on landscapes, water, and floral with your own choice of colours. Time is given to allow experimentation and to follow on ones own ideas.

Tea and coffee are on tap throughout the day. We break at an agreed time, and usually half an hour is given for lunch. Anyone who cant wait to get going again can carry on when they are ready.

The afternoon session is spent working on larger painting card, using the other work stations and your creativity is allowed to run riot if you wish.

Other mediums may be included in the class for extra effects, and the aim is always to have fun in a relaxed environment  and work towards your own lager piece for mounting in a card mount to take home.

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